I am a professor at the New Economic School (Moscow, Russia). I study the economic history of Russia, Eastern Europe and North Eurasia. Development of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in the 18th – 20th centuries is in the center of my research. I focus on the interconnections between institutions and economic growth, political economy of the state socialism, and long-run consequences of history. I have published in international refereed journals including American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Development Economics and Journal of Public Economics. The paper on Russian national income in 1913-1928 was awarded to Russian National prize in applied economics in 2011. I was a Marie Curie Research fellow at the University of Warwick in 2005-2007 and a national research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford in 2014-2015.


Working papers
"New Russian Economic History," with Ekaterina Zhuravskaya and Sergei Guriev. Accepted for publication in The Journal of Economic Literature.

"The Political Economic Causes of the Soviet Great Famine, 1932–33," with Natalya Naumenko and Nancy Qian.

"Did Industrialization Increase Support for the Radical Left? Evidence from the 1917 Russian Revolution," with Paul Castañeda Dower.

"A Regional Perspective on the Economic Development of the late Russian Empire".

"The Political Legacy of the Gulag Archipelago," with Natalia Kapelko.

Recently published
"The Value of a Statistical Life in a Dictatorship: Evidence from Stalin", with Paul Castañeda Dower and Shlomo Weber. European Economic Review. 2021.

"The Stolypin Reform and Agricultural Productivity in Late Imperial Russia," with Paul Castañeda Dower. European Review of Economic History. 2019, 23(3): 241-267.

"Economic Effects of the Abolition of Serfdom: Evidence from the Russian Empire," with Ekaterina Zhuravskaya. The American Economic Review, 2018, 108(4-5): 1074-1117.

"Labor Misallocation and Mass Mobilization: Russian Agriculture during the Great War," with Paul Castaneda Dower. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2018, 100(2): 245-59.

"Continental Europe, 1700-1870: Core and Periphery", with Giovanni Federico. In Stephen Broadberry and Kyoji Fukao (Eds.) The Cambridge Economic History of the Modern World. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

"Economic Policy under State Socialism, 1945 – 1989", with Tamas Vonyo. In Morys, M. (Ed.) Economic History of Central, East and South-East Europe: 1800 to the Present. Routledge, 2020.

"Economic growth and structural developments, 1945-1989", with Tamas Vonyo. In Morys, M. (Ed.) Economic History of Central, East and South-East Europe: 1800 to the Present. Routledge, 2020.

"Russia's Home Front, 1914-1922: The Economy," with Mark Harrison. A chapter for multi-volumes project McDonald, D., Steinberg, J., and Heywood, A. (Eds.) Russia's Great War and Revolution, 1914-1922: the Centennial Reappraisal. Slavica, 2018.

My interviews, comments, columns and public lectures
Что экономисты ищут в истории? Интервью "Российской газете". 2 июля 2019 года.

"Экономическая история СССР: мифы плановой экономики". Публичная лекция 2 июля 2019 года. Конспект на портале Theory&Practice.

"Экономика Российской империи накануне революции". Публичная лекция 25 июня 2019 года. Конспект на портале Theory&Practice.

Russia in the Great War: Mobilisation, grain, and revolution. VoxEU. 9 March 2019.

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